All The Ways To Choose An Honest Online Casino

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All The Ways To Choose An Honest Online Casino

It is difficult even for an experienced player not to get lost in the countless number of gaming services. A beginner dreaming of becoming a pro should not trust bright, inviting ads.

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Service history and reputation

User feedback should be treated with caution. A dummy institution easily buys dozens of positive responses for a penny. If the comments are too enthusiastic and impeccable, it’s worth considering their veracity.

Technical support

Test your customer service. A good website offers several communication options:

  • Email;
  • telephone line (free);
  • round-the-clock chat.

The efficiency of the support service will allow you to quickly get advice from employees. Otherwise, a request sent to the mail can wait for a response from three days or more.

Payment systems

Before you start playing for “real” money, clarify the important points required to withdraw funds:


Each casino is free to use a different currency. On some sites, only cryptocurrency is in use – BitCoin.

Withdrawal options

Types of accounts or e-wallets to which money can be withdrawn from the game account.

Deposit methods

Options for transferring funds to the personal account balance in the gaming establishment.

Application processing

  1. The waiting time for your request should not exceed 48 hours.
  2. The duration of the withdrawal of funds .
  3. The time interval required to transfer the amount to an electronic wallet or bank account.

Number of games and bonus system

How to choose a virtual casino based on the range of games presented? Fraudsters won’t bother themselves with a lot of variety. It is enough to place a table with poker , roulette and several machines to snatch a small amount of thousands of euros. The main thing is to lure gamblers with a bigger bonus.

Honest casinos such as victory Malaysia usually use the services of several software providers. Thus, the site offers over a hundred different games.

An honest institution takes care of developing a complex bonus system . The huge amounts of incredible bonuses should raise doubts about their reality. Too big or small wager also raises doubts about the casino’s honesty.

User country and language

Make sure the casino you choose is available to players in your country. If the site made it possible to register and play, slots online malaysia after winning it may ask for confirmation of the place of residence. On this basis, you may be denied the withdrawal of funds.

Many online casinos translate into multiple languages. Support for the player’s native language is a big plus. It will be easier to delve into the intricacies of the game agreement and resolve current issues.

Convenient site navigation and its mobile version

The design and ease of use of the site create the first impression of the establishment. It is unlikely that anyone wants to play on a resource that slows down. A large, reputable casino should have an expensive, well-thought-out website.

It’s nice when you can go to your favorite game in any convenient place. After all, you don’t always have a computer at hand, unlike a smartphone. If the casino provides a mobile version of the site, then it is a progressive establishment.

Dishonest manipulation by scammers

Online casinos are a difficultly controlled area of ​​activity. Dishonest businessmen try their best to get away from payments, using distracting tactics.

Options for deceiving users:

  • slow down payments without good reason;
  • refer to a failure in the system due to which the win allegedly occurred;
  • the conditions for withdrawing funds are designed so that the player is obliged to play after winning;
  • impose a strict restriction on the withdrawal of large amounts;
  • use games without licenses with a low win rate;
  • reset bonuses after receiving a withdrawal request.
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The Biggest Winnings In Slot Machines

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Each of us dreams of winning a big win at a casino. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in this. In this article we will tell you about the biggest online casino in malaysia wins on slot machines . Did the lucky ones really benefit from luck or a special strategy? It doesn’t matter, after all, they became millionaires with the help of a gambling establishment.

$ 7.41 million, New Zealand, Mega Moolah

In the summer of 2016, a young guy from New Zealand was playing at the new Casinoland casino. For fun, he chose one of the most famous slots, namely Mega Moolah from Microgaming. His winnings amounted to 7.41 million US dollars, with which the guy promised to buy as many different gifts as possible for his family.

$ 8.6 million, Greece, Mega Moolah

There were much fewer big wins on online slots in 2009. In this regard, the luck of the Greek Georgios looked incredible. The 36-year-old businessman has won a jackpot of $ 8.6 million in Mega Moolah slots. It should be understood that this was many years ago, when the dollar was much higher.

€ 7.6 million, Sweden, Hall of Gods

If we talk about big wins at online casinos, we cannot fail to mention the following story. In 2012, a Swedish woman suddenly became richer in the amount of about 8 million euros. It all happened thanks to Hall of Gods slots . After winning, she promised to pay off numerous loans, buy a new car and help the family.

$ 7.86 million, Australia, Dark Knight

7.86 million American dollars was won by an Australian in 2016 on Dark Knight slot machines. It all happened in just one spin. Once upon a time, Dark Knight was a real discovery, but lately most players have cooled off to it.

$ 17.2 million, UK, Mega Moolah

A very interesting story happened in England in 2015. The young British soldier decided to while away the time playing Mega Moolah slots. He played 25 cents. Suddenly, one spin brought him over $ 17 million in winnings. Believe it or not, a paltry 25 cents turned into a whopping 17 million.

$ 24 million, Finland, Mega Fortune

It is impossible not to tell about the next maximum win in the casino. In early 2013, a resident of Finland sat down to play the Mega Fortune slot . The player was spinning only 25 cents, but he caught the largest win in the history of online casinos – almost 24 million US dollars.

$ 8.73 million, Sweden, Hall of Gods

At Betsson Casino in 1015, a fairly impressive jackpot was hit on the Hall of Gods slot. The name of the lucky one remained unknown. Most likely it was still a Swede or a Norwegian. Hall of Gods has created a number of millionaires since its launch in 2010. For some reason, many of them live in Sweden or in other Scandinavian countries.

$ 8.82 million, country unknown, Mega Moolah

In 2016, a user with the nickname DP managed to win the largest jackpot in history that has ever been played on mobile phones. It was at Zodiac Casino, Mega Moolah Mobile slot machine. The most interesting thing here is the way to get the winnings. At that moment, there was a promotion in the casino called Eighty Chances to Become a Millionaire.

A ridiculous one US dollar deposit was required to participate. Mr. DP has never invested his dollar so profitably.… Read More

Which Game Has A Joker, Combinations With A Joker

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The joker is known to most fans of card games live mobile slots malaysia , but still, many people wonder about which game slot online malaysia the joker is used in, and what is its key importance. Details about this, as well as about all the details that players need to know, are given below.

Gameplay that uses the joker

Poker is the most famous card game that uses the joker.


When the game had just appeared, this card was taken as an additional element (sometimes it was called “wild”), added to the general deck not immediately. If the player received it, then there was an opportunity to replace it with another card from the deck (it could be any), and this made it possible to obtain the necessary combination.

Currently, every card with a certain value is referred to it. For example, in draw poker, a joker is anything that has a general dignity and is dealt face up.

Often, deuces are referred to this card. When two jokers are needed for the gameplay, they use deuces of black suit or jack of spades and hearts.

About winning combination combinations

With them, the matter changes greatly, because this card significantly transforms the value of a part of combination combinations.

  • if the player has any one pair, and he has this card, then it will be possible to collect a set;
  • the probability of falling out of pairs becomes lower;

The power of combinations

When a joker is involved, before the start of the game, you need to decide what will happen to the combination bonds in which it belongs. There are two options:

  • the evaluation of combination combinations with it is equivalent to the evaluation of combination combinations without it. In this case, the card simply replaces any other card;
  • a combination with a joker is weaker than a combination without it. That is, if the combination combinations of two people contain such cards, then the combination where there are fewer of these cards is stronger.

One of two options is possible:

  • only those that are absent in humans;
  • replacement is allowed for those that the person already has.

As a rule, a variant is used in which the joker can replace any card other than those already in the person’s hands. This avoids evaluating questionable combinations that may arise.

How to evaluate a flush with multiple aces

A very controversial moment that can also arise during the gameplay, in which the joker is involved. Therefore, the strength of such a combination should be discussed before the start of the game.… Read More

How To Withdraw Winnings From The Casino, All Ways

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In a regular gambling establishment 1bet2u Malaysia where people play for real money, payments are made according to a simple scheme. Clients of the casino receive their prize at a special cash desk, where they accept money, and then give out official chips. However, in online casinos, these procedures look somewhat different. 

Withdrawal methods

To withdraw money from the casino, you can use the following methods:

Bank cards VISA and Mastercard

Everyone knows that it is quite easy to replenish an account with them. However, if you need to withdraw funds, then sometimes you have to wait up to a week. An online casino can only pay you a deposit. You will have to withdraw the winning money directly using some other methods.


Today, this is the best option for withdrawing any amount at an online casino. For this, only the player’s email address is used. This service is very popular, so many use it to fund their own accounts and withdraw winnings. Skrill has a big plus – the commission is one of the lowest, and the balance is credited almost instantly.

Yandex Money and WebMoney

Quite widespread and popular domestic payment systems. However, for many, they may not be suitable for the reason that large sums of money often have to be reported to the tax office. However, unlike their counterparts, these services have important advantages. Enrollment and withdrawal of money is carried out practically at lightning speed.


It is a very fast and lightweight system. Her card is usually used in the United States. But it works well today with two hundred other countries. The Neteller wallet binds to the player’s email address and supports up to twenty-six different currencies.

Bank Draft checks

This is the withdrawal of money from online casinos using ordinary bank checks. This option is characterized by some difficulties. It is worth remembering that a check will go to our country for at least one month when withdrawing money. You will also need to find a suitable financial institution to withdraw cash, of course, with a set commission rate. Players choose this method of withdrawing money from the casino in case of big wins. In such a situation, this is a completely suitable and reliable way.

About withdrawal terms

In many ways, the timing of withdrawing money from a gambling establishment depends on the specific amount. If you withdraw a lot of money at a time, you will probably have to wait. After all, the required funds may simply not be available.

On the contrary, applications for small amounts are currently serviced almost immediately. That is why professional players withdraw prizes as they win.

Of course, in the case of a high level of professionalism and sufficient experience, you can play with very low risks and gradually increase the amount of your winnings. But if, unfortunately, there is no confidence in another victory, then it is best to immediately withdraw the won funds.… Read More